The Bible moptivates us to examine God’s word to provide us insight, know how, and wisdom in the day of ours. God is going to speak to us through the meditations of ours. I delight in your decrees I won’t overlook your word. It’s likely the most widespread training found in the Bible. I meditate on your precepts and also consider your simple ways. What does the Bible say about contemplation? A retreat should help us to discover the silence within, that clean gift of God.

Silence just isn’t a thing we learn with the mind it is a thing we discover in the center. A retreat should be a good place to learn how to be quiet before God. Father Thomas Keating, in the book of his, bitspirit.space Open Mind, Open Heart, writes: the most valuable thing coming from the retreat may be the chance it affords to come up with the capability being present, pretty much as they can, to the divine activity occurring constantly.

I decided to attend a silent retreat to try and reignite my religious passion. This exposed me just for the first-time to contemplative practices like centering prayer and lectio divina. The journey of mine into contemplative prayer started when I reach a place of spiritual dryness. I felt distant from God and also my faith felt stuck in a rut. The objective isn’t to chat about God but to rest in Him and open myself fully to The presence of his. In contemplative prayer, my usual requests fade into the record.

I’m learning how to delay quietly, trusting that God will meet up with me inside the silence. At its center, contemplative prayer is exactly about quieting the brain as well as opening the heart to God’s presence. It is not about reciting prayers or asking cashiers for certain things, but rather about just being present with God as well as enabling ourselves being appreciated and guided by Him. It’s not about bartering along with the divine, a celestial vending machine dispensing favors for fervent pleas.

Forget wish lists- contemplative prayer seeks to uncover the whispers of our real purpose, etched not in words, but in the tranquil wisdom of our souls. Rather, it’s a quest a quest to peel back the levels of ourselves, to peek the luminous core beneath. As I sat in stillness, focusing on God’s presence rather than my words, my perspective shifted. Contemplative prayer opened my ears to pick up from the Spirit in new ways.

I realized prayer is as much about quieting myself to play God as it’s about talking to Him. Life’s clamor had established a fortress around the internal peace of mine, and I craved its return. Thus, I ventured into the hushed chambers of contemplative prayer, instructed by whispers of ancient mystics & a yearning for quietude. The foray of mine into this silent trip started out as a refuge. Its intent is to lead someone to union with God and to start to be converted into God’s likeness.

Contemplative prayer is based in silence. It is often called being conscious of God’s existence. What is the goal of contemplative prayer? Contemplative prayer is the unifying element of all kinds of prayer.

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